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The Curriculum

For much of the time children will study the Core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and ICT.

The children will also cover elements of the Foundation subjects Technology, History, Geography, Music, French, Art and Physical Education, and explore issues such as Personal and Social Education, Health, Equal Opportunities and Multi Cultural Education.

Although the Curriculum describes subject areas we do not always teach in subject packages; where appropriate the Curriculum may be taught in a more integrated and thematic way. this is particularly the case at KS1 and with the Foundation subjects.

Year 1 Expectations
Year 2 Expectations
Year 3 Expectations
Year 4 Expectations
Year 5 Expectations
Year 6 Expectations

Nursery Long Term Plan 2021/2022
Reception Long Term Plan 2021/2022
Key Stage 1 Plan – Autumn 2021
Key Stage 2 Plan – Autumn 2021

History / Geography
Art & Design
Design Technology

Early Years

Nursery and Reception children are taught the Foundation Stage Curriculum. Early Years staff prepare the children for and introduce them to the KS1 Curriculum when appropriate.

Teachers use a variety of approaches to deliver the Curriculum. Sometimes the children are taught individually and other times as a whole class. Mostly they work in small groups, these groups are carefully structured so that each child feels secure and is able to learn effectively and at an appropriate level.

In the Infant and Junior Departments, classes are organised according to age and ability using Assessment information, within each class children are grouped and work set according to ability. Children work at their own appropriate level within their own particular class.

All the work for the year is planned as a whole school to ensure progression and continuity. Some subjects (mainly Core Subjects and RE) are taught separately and some are integrated in a thematic or topic approach which may last several weeks. Topics are carefully planned to enable children to learn in a relevant way. Progress is measured termly against national data.

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