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Thursday 19th July – Nursery Graduation ceremonies

Monday 23rd July – Year 6 Leaver’s Disco

Tuesday 24th July – Leaver’s Assembly

Tuesday 24th July – School closes for summer holidays at 1.15 pm

Free summer workshops at Kirkby Gallery

Join comic book artist Cath Garvey in creating your own unique female comic book character and mini-zine (mini book).  Every Tuesday until 21st August 10.30am – 12.30pm – booking essential.

We will be creating female characters, but the workshops are suitable for girls and boys of all ages.

Cath is the Knowsley artist selected as part of the Merseyside Independents Biennial

To book a place call 443 4936 or email tina.ball@knowsley.gov.uk


Tuesday 4th September – School reopens