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Year 3

The Year Three Teams:

Class Teacher 
Mrs Darsey

Support Staff:
Miss Jones
Mr Rigby
Mr Moorhouse

Hello and welcome to the Year Three class page!

We hope you are all enjoying being back at school, we know we certainly are! The children have settled in very well and are looking and behaving like junior children more and more each day! Here’s what is going on for our Year Three class for the rest of the Autumn term!

What’s New

Class Dojos!

Children can earn Dojo points for a number reasons, a few examples are for working hard, being ready to learn and showing respect to children and adults around school. The children will earn some exciting rewards as they achieve more and more Dojo points.

If you haven’t already please can you sign up to Class Dojo? If you do this you will be able to see the points your child is earning and communicate with Mrs Darsey about positive aspects of your child’s learning!

So far the children are loving the Dojos and have already earned so many, we are very proud of our lovely Year 3 class.

Autumn Term Learning

Come and See – In this topic we will be exploring Homes, Promises, Visitors and our other faiths focus will be Judaism.

Maths – As mathematicians, we will;

Explore Place Value, Addition and Subtraction and begin to think about written Multiplication and Division.

English – In English we will be writing a set of instructions based on our core text ‘Ug – Boy Genius of the Stone Age’. We will also be writing our own ending to our third core text ‘Ice Bear’ – our Christmas text! Some of the children in Year Three are having their English lessons delivered through the Read, Write Inc program, so those children will be working on different sounds each day rather than focussing on a core text.

Science – As Scientists we will be exploring Rocks and Soils and learning how to group them based on their properties. We will also be learning about Light and how it travels in different directions and can actually bend around objects!

Geography – Through geography we will be answering the question ‘Why do people live near volcanoes?’

History – As historians, we will be exploring The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age people, their settlements and how tools developed from the Palaeolithic age to the Neolithic period!

Music – Through the power of music we are going to learn how to play Let Your Spirit Fly on a Glockenspiel and put on a performance with us singing along and maybe having a dance too!

Design Technology – In this topic we are going to be learning all about textiles and how to use cross stich to sew on appliques.

PE – We are very lucky this term as we will be having our PE lessons delivered by the LFC coaches and the lessons will focus around different games.

MFL – In Spanish we are learning all about the country of Spain, some basic greetings and simple questions and answers.

PSHE – How we live in love
What keeps us safe
Anti-Bullying week

Key Information

PE – Year Three PE day is a Monday morning. Children to come in wearing their PE kit and will remain in them all day.

Homework – Sent out Friday to be returned the following Friday.

Spellings – Sent out Friday to be tested on them the following Friday.

Reading Books – Aim to read two pages per night. Reading books will be changed every Wednesday and Friday.

Times Tables Rockstars – Children have their log ins stuck on to their homework books.

How Can You Help?

Read daily with your child where possible!

Lots of times tables practice ready for our test in Year 4!

Curriculum Overviews

Mathematics Overview of Learning

Multiplication and Division facts year group expectations

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