The School Governors are appointed to maintain an oversight and take responsibility for matters relating to the conduct of the school. These include Curriculum, Finance, Maintenance of Buildings, Provision of Equipment and the Appointment of Staff.

Our Chair of Governors is Mrs L Lester
Vice Chair of Governors is Mr J Bunn
Two Governors are parents of children and are elected by parents.
Governors meet at least once a term.
The Governing Body consists of twelve members.


There are seven Foundation Governors who represent the interest of the Archdiocese:

Mrs L Lester (parent)
Mrs J Mezzi
Mr D Volante
Mrs J Staunton

There are two parent elected by parents of pupils at the school:

Mrs A Riley
Mrs S Farrell

There are two staff governors. The Headteacher is automatically appointed to the Governing body. 

Mrs J Ryan (Headteacher)
Mrs D Ormandy (teacher)

The LA appoint one governor:

Mr J Bunn

Clerk to the Governors:

Mrs J Risley

Associate Members *

Helen Yates
Sue Bradshaw


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