Governor Attendance

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Attendance 2018 – 2019

Full Governors meetings

P = present
AA = absent with apologies
A = absent (no apologies)

13/9/18 29/11/18 4/4/19 23/5/19 11/7/19
L.Lester P P P P
J.Bunn P P AA P
J.Ryan P P P P
J.Mezzi A P P P
J.Staunton A AA AA AA
D.Volante P AA AA P
Fr S Kirwan P A A P
H.Yates A AA AA P
S.Bradshaw P P P P
S Farrell A A A A
D.Ormandy P AA P P
A.Riley A A Term expired à
S.Clarke P P P P

Committee 1 meetings

L.Lester P
S.Bradshaw P
D.Ormandy P
J Ryan P
Fr S Kirwan P
J.Bunn P

Curriculum & Pastoral Meetings

6/2/19 25/4/19 26/4/19
H Yates P P
L Lester P AA
J Staunton P A
J Ryan P P
M McCoy Not yet in post Not yet in post Not yet in post
D.Ormandy/S.Clarke P P
S.Bradshaw P P

Resources & Premises Meetings

25/2/19 17/6/19
J.Bunn A P
L Lester P P
J.Ryan P AA
Fr S Kirwan A A
J.Mezzi AA P
D Volante P AA
S.Bradshaw P P