Headteacher: Mrs J Ryan
Deputy Headteacher: Miss S Bradshaw

Class Teachers:

Nursery: Mrs S Sisk and Mrs H Bird
Reception: Mrs S Clarke
Year 1: Mrs A Reddin
Year 2: Miss G Green
Year 3: Mrs D Ormandy
Year 4: Miss Wynne-Jones
Year 5: Miss C Burns
Year 6: Mr R Pearce / Miss S Bradshaw
Mrs Darsey
Mrs Wynne

Business Manager: Mrs Meadows
Administrator: Mrs L Cullinane (First Aider)

Learning Mentor: Mrs H Yates

Teaching Assistants  

Mrs L Holt – Nursery Busy Bees
Ms C Walker-Jones – Nursery Busy Bees
Mrs R Bellair – Nursery
Mrs D Morris (First Aider) – Reception
Mrs L Westwood (First Aider) – Year 1
Miss S Hughes – Year 1
Mr K Rigby – Year 1
Mrs D Judge – Year 2
Mrs A Reid (First Aider) – Year 3 and Year 4
Mrs J Griffiths- Year 3
Ms A Catterall – Year 4
Ms C Jones – Year 4
Miss R McDonald – Year 5
Mrs C Burke – Year 5
Mrs C McGrath – Year 5
Mrs D Linford – Year 6
Mrs M Crozier (First Aider) – Year 6
Mr Moorhouse – Year 6

Premises Officer: Mr M Perry

Lunchtime Assistants

Mrs A Reid
Mrs C Burke
Mrs M Crozier
Mrs C Bibby
Mrs L Cummings
Mrs C McGrath

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