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Spring Term 2020

We’ve been on a bear hunt, ate Chinese Food and Pancakes, and unwrapped our very own Naughty Bus and much more…

We started the year with the topic ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!’  The children loved the story and before long were joining in with it and acting it out.  We loved listening to Michael Rosen re-telling his story and we all helped to make a display which we put up in the Nursery cloakroom. Why not check out Michael Rosen’s videos at

The children loved the story that much that we continued the theme by reading We’re Going on a Lion Hunt by David Axtell.  We made lions which we displayed in the corridor, look out for them on your way into Nursery.

We then spent time learning about Chinese New Year.  We had a visit from a Chinese Dragon and learnt to use chopsticks, which was very tricky.  We used them to eat some lovely noodles and egg fried rice made by Mrs Holt, yum yum!

After half term it was Pancake Day so we read ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ by Jan Fearnley. We were shocked when he ate all his neighbours at the end!  We made our own pancakes and chose some lovely toppings.

Next we read the book ‘Naughty Bus’ by Jan and Jerry OKe.  We loved finding out about all the adventures Naughty Bus got up to.  We found a parcel and when we unwrapped it inside was our very own Naughty Bus.  We all took turns to play with it then the Naughty Bus kept disappearing and turning up in different places around our setting.  We made our very own Naught Bus and Bus Stop.  We had lots of fun! Why not join in with the Naughty Bus song;

In Come and See the topics have been ‘Gathering’ we learnt that people gather in Church to listen to God’s word.  We also learnt that children gathered around Jesus and he welcomed them.

Our next topic was ‘Growing’.  We looked at lots of things that grow and learnt a song called ‘Everything Grows’ ( We planted seeds and thought carefully about what they need to grow.  We placed them in the sun on the window ledge and watered them every day.  They are starting to grow!

The chicks have also hatched and are currently being named.

We have also thought carefully about how we can grow in love for each other.  We have made promises for Lent to do something to show more love such as tidy our room or help was the dishes.  We have been extra kind to our friends as well it has been lovely seeing everybody share the toys and look after each other.  Well done everyone!

What a busy Spring Term we’ve had!

We will continue with our focus upon ‘Communication and Language’ and ‘Personal, Social and Emotional’ skills. This will be further enhanced by our Come and See, Phonics and Maths sessions. We also have nurture and talk boost groups which will help to develop our speech and language skills.

Our continuous provision supports us in developing all our skills, as weekly enhancements are changed to match the topic and ultimately to accommodate the interests and needs of our learners

Nursery Information


Mrs Bird – Morning Nursery Teacher
Mrs Sisk – Afternoon Nursery Teacher
Mrs Holt – Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jones – Nursery Teaching Assistant
Miss Catterall – Nursery Teaching Assistant – lunchtime
Mrs Nightingale – Nursery Teaching Assistant – lunchtime

Session times

Morning Nursery 8.30 – 11.30am
Afternoon Nursery 12.30- 3.30pm

30 Hour Provision

8.30am – 3.30pm

If you have a code for thirty hours or would like further information regarding 30 hours provision please discusses this with a member of staff as soon as possible.

Picking up and Dropping off

Please ensure that Nursery Staff are informed if someone different will be picking your child up from Nursery.


Children can have a hot dinner which costs £2.10 per day – this can be purchased using Parent Pay. Please ask at the school office for further Information.


Children can bring a healthy packed lunch to school. Please place your child’s packed lunch on the trolley each morning.


We wear a purple school jogging suit, with a yellow polo shirt and velcro shoes/trainers .

This uniform is designed to encourage the children to dress themselves independently. It is also specifically designed as we play in the outdoor classroom each day. Your child will need a waterproof coat with a hood.

Please ensure that all of your child’s items of clothing are marked clearly with their name, but we do not advise parents to get full names printed on the back of sweatshirts.

Children can wear more formalised uniform of school slip and polo shirt or school shorts and polo shirt but we ask that children have sensible school shoes (not sandals or trainers).


PE day is FRIDAY children will need black pumps in a drawstring bag and can wear their nursery tracksuit.

Online Learning Journal

We use Tapestry, a secure online learning journal to record your child’s progress and learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage. When your child starts school we will send you log in details and you can change your password.

We also encourage parents to share their home learning stories using tapestry. You can upload photographs and videos of exciting learning experiences and we will share them in class on our interactive whiteboard.

If you need any support please contact a member of the EYFS team.

Home Reading Books

Children will bring home a reading book on a FRIDAY to be returned on a WEDNESDAY.  Please make a comment and encourage your child to draw a picture to be shared.


Costs £1 per week – please send this to school each Monday. At the beginning of each term (three times a year) we ask for an extra 50p as a contribution to pay for your child’s milk.

Useful Website to use at home

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