School Council MeetingHere at St Josephs we are very proud of our School Council and the work it does. It is an efficient body that provides an excellent vehicle for effective ‘pupil voice’.

Every September elections take place and pupils from each year group in KS2 are chosen to be representatives. Members then attend weekly meetings where all kinds of wonderful and innovative work takes place.

During each meeting members discuss any issues or ideas they have brought from their classes and then they report back to their classes on everything that was discussed at the meeting.

School council member with their staff link.The school council is in charge of its own budget and has to decide wisely on how best to spend this money. Through weekly consultations with their classes, members are able to collect the views and ideas from all pupils in order to improve our school. Each member is linked to a member of staff and gets to liaise on different aspects of the curriculum and school life.

The school Council are involved in all areas of school life from staff appointments to school repairs. They often join forces with our dedicated group ‘The Friends of St Josephs’ to carry out fundraising events and have helped to raise money for many school projects.


Here are just some of their achievements to date.

Outdoor equipment

Outdoor equipment purchased through school council


Travel plan

The school council is represented by Yr 6 members at the school Travel Plan Action Group. The installation of our school bicycle sheds are a result of the work carried out by this group.


School Council

The school council have helped in promoting excellent behaviour with the introduction of these special ‘pupil of the week’ chairs.