Our Special Needs Co-ordinator is Mrs. Shelley Sisk (Bed Hons, National Qualification for SEN) and can be contacted via the school office on 0151 477-8170.

Accessibility Plan

SEND Policy

SEND information report 2019-2020

Equality Policy

Support for Parents

Mini minds sessions

Self Care and Self Love Workshop

Positive Minds workshop

An introduction to Meditation

ADDvanced Solutions Knowsley: Winter 2019 -Spring 2020 Offer

Free workshops at Stockbridge Village Primary School

SEND Review Dates

Year 2 17/3/20
Year 3 10/03/20
Year 4 31/3/20
Year 5 24/3/20 and 26/03/20
Year 6 2/4/20

Knowsley Local Offer

Knowsley Borough Council can also offer advice and support regarding SEND.

The Knowsley Local Offer is available on