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“You have to know the past to understand the present.”
Carl Edward Sagan

We believe in providing children with a thorough understanding of the world they live in and a sense of identity and heritage. Allowing pupils to learn about how British, local and world History has influenced the present, provides skills that will prepare them for adult life.  Within our History curriculum, children develop their curiosity of the past by examining sources through child led enquiry and independent research.


  • To develop curiosity
  • To learn about important events in the past
  • To understand local History
  • To become investigative
  • To have a good chronological understanding

Together we will:

  • Work in partnership with families and the wider community to achieve the highest standards of learning and behaviour.
  • Develop and maintain an ethos of mutual respect and promote self-esteem, responsibility, independence and confidence whilst recognising individual strengths.
  • Build on the positive relationships with home and the wider school, national and global communities to promote respect and inclusion for all.
  • Prepare all children for the challenges ahead, embracing technology and promoting a life-long love of learning

Policies and Documents

History Gallery

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