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Science Curriculum Intent

Science is a major part of the curriculum in any school and St Joseph the Worker is no different.  It is our aim to develop a child’s understanding of the world about them and their own interaction with it through research, cross-curricular links and hands on experience.

Our curriculum has a topic based approach to ensure all aspects of the National Curriculum are included. This means that we can ensure that the children have a valuable and exciting learning experience which we hope will inspire them to have a life-long interest in the scientific world. The learning we deliver is varied and interesting, which develops children’s understanding as they move through our school.

Scientific enquiry is an essential part of our science curriculum, this is integrated within topics. Through scientific enquiry, children learn vital life skills such as prediction, observation, classification and fair testing. Children will also learn technical vocabulary associated with each topic.

The aim for our children when they leave us is to be confident young scientists, who recognise the value of science in everyday life. We aim to equip them with the scientific knowledge and skills to progress further in the future.

To enable all learners to engage with the science curriculum our teachers adapt the curriculum to suit individual learners. For example, differentiated learning; pre-teaching of concepts. We are keen to develop greater depth learners by offering the children tasks to inspire and challenge their thinking and skills.

At St Joseph the Worker, we have developed a progressive curriculum that builds on prior knowledge and skills to deepen our children’s learning of scientific concepts. Whenever possible, we will conduct a mini-study of a scientist that directly links to the topic being taught, such as Isaac Newton in Year 6 while studying the topic of Light.

Through our curriculum we are able to make links with British values, PHSE and the Catholic teaching of Sex and Relationship Education (Journey in Love).

All teachers use the following science documents:

  • Science Curriculum Map 2023-2024
  • Medium term planning overviews;
  • Assessment proformas;
  • Key objectives for learning in each topic;
  • Progression maps across year groups;
  • Skills ladder progression across year groups.

Science Curriculum Links

For science in the Early Years follow this link.


Year 5 Gallery


Year 6 Gallery

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