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Year 1

Welcome back to a brand new school year. The children look so smart and are settling well into year 1. We have lots of exciting lessons planned across the curriculum for the next seven weeks. The children are looking forward to working hard this term.


This half term our core texts is ‘One day on our blue planet: in the Savannah’ by Ella Bayley, which is about the day in the life of African Savannah animals, in particular a lioness and her cub. This book focuses on the journey of a lioness bringing her cub from their den into the busy African Savannah life.  We will also be continuing with our ‘Read,Write Inc.’ lessons, including lots of phonics and reading opportunities. Please read the books sent home with your child as they will link into our lessons and help the children with their newly learned sounds.


In maths we will be learning about place value and addition and subtraction (within 10). The children will have lots of opportunities to reason and solve problems. In the second part of the term we will be introducing and working with different 2-D and 3-D shapes and exploring place value to 20.

Come and See

In our Come and See our first topic is all about Families. The children will be reflecting on the different types of families they belong to and who make their families (home family and family of God). We will also be learning about belonging. We will be exploring the importance of welcome, of feeling comfortable with new situations and belonging to new groups.


In science we are learning about Seasonal changes: autumn to winter. The children will explore the how the weather changes with the seasons. The similarities and differences between the two seasons and draw on the different holidays we celebrate within the. We will also be learning about Animals including humans: basic structure.   


In geography the children will be learning about our wonderful weather. They will be exploring different types of weather in their immediate environment. The children will then have the opportunity to build on this and knowledge of the four seasons. We will also introduce them to hot and cold areas of the world and the impact of different weather types.


In music the children will be learning all about the differences between pulse, rhythm and pitch in our topic ‘Hey You!’ We will be learning how to rap and enjoy it in its original form.

 As well as learning to sing, play, improvise and compose with this song, children will listen and appraise other Old-School Hip Hop tunes.


Our topic in DT is free standing structures (houses). The children will be looking at how houses are made, why the materials are used and how the houses stand through different types of weather. We will be exploring the effectiveness of different materials and even building our own free standing structures.


In computing we will be learning about ‘My online life.’ We will be working on how to improve our knowledge of the risks of our online lives and to develop skills when using online services. We will be discussing certain situations that may arise when online and to get the children to think critically about their online lives.


 Our topic for this half term is ‘What helps us to stay healthy’.

Useful information

  • Snack is 50p per week
  • Reading books are changed regularly. Please ensure you read with your child as often as possible. Year 1 is an important year for the children to develop their reading skills.
  • Homework- handwriting and spellings homework will be given out every Friday to be returned for the following Friday.
  • PE is on a Monday. The children can come to school in their PE kits and trainers. Please ensure your children has a yellow polo shirt, their school jumper/cardigan and navy or black shorts. In cold weather the children may wear dark jogging bottoms.

Please find below the year 1 spelling list which the children need to know how to read and spell.

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