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Year 2

Teacher: Miss. Green
Teaching assistant: Mrs. Westwood

We are now into the spring term. Some children are attending school, however, lots of children have been learning from home! I know that lots of children will be trying their best with their work! The children worked super hard last term, making lots of progress! We have lots of exciting lessons planned across the curriculum over the coming weeks.

Come and see

Our Come and See topic will be ‘books’ were the children will be learning about different religious books and how important they are to our religion. Other topics we will explore this term will be sacrament- thanksgiving and lent. Children will be given opportunities to explore and discuss the come and see topics to further develop their religious knowledge.


In maths we will be learning about 2-D and 3-D shapes, the children will have lots of opportunities to reason and solve problems. We will also be working really hard to practise our 2, 5 and 10 times tables.


This half term our core text is ‘In the Dark’ by Lemony Snicket, which is about a boy who conquers his fear of the dark. We will join Lazlo on his journey of meeting the dark and finding out why it will never bother him again. The children will be exploring character descriptions, story writing, predictive writing and letters as well as many other skills to enhance their writing.


In science we are learning all about the environment. We will be exploring climate change, recycling, greenhouse gases and endangered animals. The children will be taking part in investigations and lots of practical activities.


In history the children will be taking a step back in time to investigate how clothes have changed over the years. They will learn about how clothes have changed through the decades from 1960 up to our present day. We will be comparing the difference in fashion and why fashion has changed.


In Design Technology the children will be learning about good food hygiene rules and using kitchen equipment to prepare food safely. Children will apply these skills when making and evaluating a healthy dip and dippers. The unit develops children’s understanding of the eat well plate and explains the importance of eating a healthy and varied diet.


Our inspired artist for this term is Andy Warhol. Children will be exploring Andy Warhol’s work to enhance their art skills. Children will be learning the art of printing and mark making using paints, pencils and ink. Children will be able to use their new skills to create a final piece of work inspired by our artist.

Useful information

  • Snack is 50p per week
  • Reading books are changed on a daily basis. Please ensure you read with your child as often as possible. Year 2 is an important year and their ability to read and understand texts is crucial.
  • Homework- spellings and times table homework will be given out every Thursday to be returned for the following Friday. Please ensure green homework books are returned regularly so new homework can be put into their books ready to go home the following week.
  • Every child has a mathletics password and a times table rockstars password, which can be accessed at home. User names and passwords have been given to each child in year 2. Please come and see me if you need this information resending.
  • PE- PE days are Thursdays. Please ensure children come into school in their PE kits in on this day.

Curriculum Overviews

Mathematics Overview of Learning

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