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Home learning ideas

Pupils learning from home can access a weekly schedule on our class Google Drive.

Each week is clearly labelled by date. Once you have accessed the correct schedule, simply click the link and you will be directed to an online lesson you should complete.

For Mathematics lessons, children will be given their school Maths booklets to record their learning. Children can follow the online lesson and will be directed to complete specific pages within the booklet. This booklet must be returned back to school. It is important that children do not go ahead and only complete the pages that have been noted on the schedule.

For both English and Other subjects, children should record their learning in their Home Jotters.

Google Drive

Home Learning Ideas

Welcome to Year 4

We have had an excellent start to Year 4, our children have adapted well to their new surroundings and routines! We are so proud of them! We are really looking forward to the new school year, we hope to make lots of amazing memories and achieve more than ever before.

Our Year 4 team:

Teachers: Miss Wynne-Jones
Support staff: Miss Reid, Miss Jones, and Miss Catterall

Important information:

  • PE – Our PE day is every Friday. Children should come into school wearing their PE kit. They will remain in their kit all day.
  • Spellings – These will be sent on a Friday and should be practised throughout the next week ready for the test that following Friday
  • Snack – Children should bring a ‘healthy’ snack and non-fizzy drink
  • Reading books – These should be returned as regularly as possible
  • Times Tables Rockstars – Children have their log in’s stuck in their home jotters

In the event of a class isolation period (if a child or staff member in our bubble test positive) or another local lockdown occurs the children will be expected to access their google drive page.

Autumn Term Learning

Come and See – In Come and See this term we will be learning about all the special people on Jesus’s family tree through our ‘People’ topic. We will also be exploring our purpose and mission throughout the ‘Called’ topic.

Maths – As mathematicians, we will;

  • count in multiples of 6, 7, 9, 25 and 1000
  • find 1000 more or less than a given number
  • count backwards through zero to include negative numbers
  • recognise the place value of each digit in a four-digit number (thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones)
  • order and compare numbers beyond 1000
  • identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations
  • round any number to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000
  • solve number and practical problems that involve all of the above and with increasingly large positive numbers.

English – In English we will be learning to rewrite a story in our own words based on our core text The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

Science – As Scientists we will be exploring the three states of matter, even exploring whether gases have a weight. We will also be studying electricity and using batteries to make complete circuits.

History – As historians, we will be exploring The Roman Empire and learning about what effects the Romans had on Britain.

How you can help?
Read daily with your child where possible!

Lots of times tables practice ready for our test in June!

Curriculum Overviews

Mathematics Overview of Learning

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